MY FEAR. By Carol Kariuki.

Here’s a day in my sketchy black shoes,

Waking up, jogging down the street,

Typical girl, nice and sweet,

No one can see the build up inside,

I wont let you see, its my secret to hide,

My fear blazes deep within,

Forcing my senses to crash and break in,

Head held high, big smile, not going to waste it,

Motto is: Fake it till you make it,

What do they think about me??

Too tall,too fat, big face, big mistake,

Am I dressed okay, am I stylish enough??

Why does the world need me to be so tough??

Here come my Peers, “Oh! Great, another test.”

Say the right things and be at my best.

How are you Carol?? “Oh am okay.”

(I’d rather be in a t-shirt at home today)

Heart beat goes fast, breathing speeds up, feet go numb, I hope no one notices,

It will be okay, it will be okay, my mind promises,

Keep it together let no one see,

Don’t show, conceal, let it be,

The day is done, slightly fun,

My mind is clear, far from my fear


My one true wish (By Carol Kariuki)

While lying beneath the stars ,on a beautiful hill.

I saw a shooting star pass by that left me perplexed and still.

The tradition is to make a wish and have it granted,

The problem is I never quite know what I wanted,

I started searching the files stored deep in my mind,

So many thoughts clouded my eyes leaving me blind,

I wish that everyone in this world would know my name,

No wait! I wish my name was engraved in the hall of fame,

Actually, I wish I was the most inspiring writer,

My words would make the darkness seem much brighter,

The again, I do like to write an occasional song,

I know! I wish there was somewhere I belong,

I wish my mother was rewarded for all her good deeds,

She provided for all my needs,

I wish I knew what the world wants me to be,

I wish I knew the way to be free,

Hold on, maybe I should wish for what every girl dreams,

Prince charming is what every girl  wishes for it seems,

Alright, I wish Prince Charming would come whisk me away,

No, that didn’t feel right in any way,

Well I wish I knew how birth came about,

What an important event that leaves me dreading with doubt,

I wish everyone around me would be honest for a day,

Then again, the truth does hurt in its own manipulative way,

I know! I wish for peace in all the nations,

What world it would be, complete with discretion,

Is it me, or did that just not sound sincere?

I do wish for it but its not personal or dear,

I love how my mind thinks very fast,

Debating all this before the star had completely passed,

I was not going to let my wish go to waste,

Yes I had to make a wish of somewhat good taste ,

Some would wish for immortality,

I wonder if that will ever be reality,

With so many wishes… I couldn’t choose just one,

Its the easiest wish of all, as I came to learn,

In a flash, it came to me,

The perfect wish that would leave me be,

“I wish, oh how I wish..”,I had to frame the words perfectly,

Wasting my chance to wish would be a catastrophe,

I needed someone to show me how,

Someone to help with words somehow,

But no, I was the guest and the host,

Oh well here goes…

I wish I knew what I wish for the most. ūüôā

In the world we live in.

In the world we live in.

We live in a world full of sorrow and pain,

Where people only think of what they will gain,

Where the end defines the means and people are greedy,

Where the rich are increasing at the price of the needy,

Where an eye for an eye is the golden rule,

Where doing the right thing makes you look like a fool,

Where we cut down trees as if they are weeds,

Where people go for their wants instead of their needs,

Where people die of hunger while others are obese,

Where hurting people is regarded as a means to get peace,

Where the love of money has broke bonds,

Where seas of happiness have been reduced to ponds,

But in the same world there are people of love,

People who put their needs below and others  above,

People of good character and strength,

Who strive to do whats right no matter the lengths,

People who do what they can to help others,

Who treat everyone as their sisters and brothers,

They don’t care about money, prestige or fame,

Of what cars they drive of how many know his name,

They just want to make a difference, no matter how small,

To be there for others and answer their calls,

They are in the same wold which is full of wrong,

But they refuse to be swayed and stay strong,

Now its for us to decide,

The part we belong.

You are only young once

You are only young once

You’re only young once don’t waste it,

You have only one chance to taste it,

Your youth is precious, embrace it,

Cause there’s no other person to face it,

But remember the Lord is watching,

Any plan that you may be plotting,

I’m not telling you not to have fun,

But remember you’re judgement will come,

Be careful of what you say and do,

Because not everything is good for you,

What seems out there as really cool,

Might leave you looking pitiful,

Be careful of the friends you make,

Some may turn out to be fake,

You may think they will be with you through thick and thin,

But they may desert you once you do not win,

Look to good mentors for inspiration,

To better the life of your generation,

Enrich your mind with education,

Find truth behind speculation,

Be mindful of the crowd,

You may do things in silent , but the effect will be loud,

Follow God and obey his laws,

Unlike others He does not care about your flaws,

The Holy Spirit will guide you free of charge,

Help you out of problems, small and large,

Always pray to God if you need anything,

You will be surprised at what goodness he can bring,

What you pray for may not always be what you get,

But God knows what He is doing so do not get upset,

So enjoy your youth and keep your faith strong,

You are only young once, and its not for long.

Blog Intro.

Hello there,

My name is Andrew Rubia but you can call me Rubeast. I am writing this intro so as to not have to explain myself for any future misunderstandings. It contains an outline of what to expect but it is not an extensive list :

  • The blog that I am about to begin will have no central topic. I will simply type about what I deem fit at the time.
  • I have the¬†utmost¬†respect people who follow all ¬†rules of grammar and punctuation to the letter and those¬†who¬†flavor¬†their blogs¬†with nothing but the ¬†best styles of¬†¬†writing but do not expect me¬†to be one of those people.This is not to say that I am expecting myself to make mistakes but I am just notifying you that I am not known for having the best spellings and saying although I will try my best.This is also to notify you that I will be using a mixture of both United States¬†and United¬†Kingdom¬†English¬†together with any other¬†language I prefer and finally my writings do not¬†reflect¬†my level of education that I have¬†gone through I thoroughly respect my teachers¬†who have¬†provide the best quality of education I could ask for and thank my parents for giving me the¬†opportunity¬†to learn.
  • If you have any comment,questions,suggestions,opinions,remarks(good or bad).Please¬†feel free¬†to share them with me although I request that you refrain from using any vulgar or perverse language as I intend to be as family friendly as possible.Otherwise ,don’t hold back.¬†
  • I¬†apologize¬†in advance if I offend any of you in any way,I do not intend to bring any negativity into any persons lives and if I do please do not hesitate to notify me immediately.
  • I am a¬†Chelsea FC fan (it is a football team that plays in the Barclays Premier League) and I always will be so if I make any¬†offensive¬†remarks about any other team just know that I¬†am¬†joking¬†and I am sorry.¬†
  • I am a generally busy guy so¬†don’t¬†expect me to be ¬†very¬†consistent in posting new blogs.
  • I am not a¬†professional¬†gamer but I would love to be.For now I am just doing m best to play as many games as I can the best way I can. So expect some game reviews.¬†
  • I am proud to be a Christian an I am trying my best to be a good one.The name Beast does not represent any creature and is simply a nickname which I have grown fond of.

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To God be the glory.

Thanks for reading.