MY FEAR. By Carol Kariuki.

Here’s a day in my sketchy black shoes,

Waking up, jogging down the street,

Typical girl, nice and sweet,

No one can see the build up inside,

I wont let you see, its my secret to hide,

My fear blazes deep within,

Forcing my senses to crash and break in,

Head held high, big smile, not going to waste it,

Motto is: Fake it till you make it,

What do they think about me??

Too tall,too fat, big face, big mistake,

Am I dressed okay, am I stylish enough??

Why does the world need me to be so tough??

Here come my Peers, “Oh! Great, another test.”

Say the right things and be at my best.

How are you Carol?? “Oh am okay.”

(I’d rather be in a t-shirt at home today)

Heart beat goes fast, breathing speeds up, feet go numb, I hope no one notices,

It will be okay, it will be okay, my mind promises,

Keep it together let no one see,

Don’t show, conceal, let it be,

The day is done, slightly fun,

My mind is clear, far from my fear