My one true wish (By Carol Kariuki)

While lying beneath the stars ,on a beautiful hill.

I saw a shooting star pass by that left me perplexed and still.

The tradition is to make a wish and have it granted,

The problem is I never quite know what I wanted,

I started searching the files stored deep in my mind,

So many thoughts clouded my eyes leaving me blind,

I wish that everyone in this world would know my name,

No wait! I wish my name was engraved in the hall of fame,

Actually, I wish I was the most inspiring writer,

My words would make the darkness seem much brighter,

The again, I do like to write an occasional song,

I know! I wish there was somewhere I belong,

I wish my mother was rewarded for all her good deeds,

She provided for all my needs,

I wish I knew what the world wants me to be,

I wish I knew the way to be free,

Hold on, maybe I should wish for what every girl dreams,

Prince charming is what every girl  wishes for it seems,

Alright, I wish Prince Charming would come whisk me away,

No, that didn’t feel right in any way,

Well I wish I knew how birth came about,

What an important event that leaves me dreading with doubt,

I wish everyone around me would be honest for a day,

Then again, the truth does hurt in its own manipulative way,

I know! I wish for peace in all the nations,

What world it would be, complete with discretion,

Is it me, or did that just not sound sincere?

I do wish for it but its not personal or dear,

I love how my mind thinks very fast,

Debating all this before the star had completely passed,

I was not going to let my wish go to waste,

Yes I had to make a wish of somewhat good taste ,

Some would wish for immortality,

I wonder if that will ever be reality,

With so many wishes… I couldn’t choose just one,

Its the easiest wish of all, as I came to learn,

In a flash, it came to me,

The perfect wish that would leave me be,

“I wish, oh how I wish..”,I had to frame the words perfectly,

Wasting my chance to wish would be a catastrophe,

I needed someone to show me how,

Someone to help with words somehow,

But no, I was the guest and the host,

Oh well here goes…

I wish I knew what I wish for the most. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My one true wish (By Carol Kariuki)

    1. Am holding back a speck
      Not a speck of dust
      But whats in my eye is a speck
      Yes a speck of trust
      I trust you and know what potential you the poem and support you in whole



    Yes I will take her,
    Give her style,
    Help her create a personality you couldn’t generate,
    Make her the best there is for her,
    She will be the sun that you never were,
    She will be the moon never blocked by petty clouds,
    She will be all I thought you were,
    I will kiss her every time coz a princess is what she will be,
    And if she ever leaves me like you did,
    I won’t give up,
    I will remind myself that you also left .
    And that never stopped me from loving again.

    Samson Mutuku (king_sam)

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