My one true wish (By Carol Kariuki)

While lying beneath the stars ,on a beautiful hill.

I saw a shooting star pass by that left me perplexed and still.

The tradition is to make a wish and have it granted,

The problem is I never quite know what I wanted,

I started searching the files stored deep in my mind,

So many thoughts clouded my eyes leaving me blind,

I wish that everyone in this world would know my name,

No wait! I wish my name was engraved in the hall of fame,

Actually, I wish I was the most inspiring writer,

My words would make the darkness seem much brighter,

The again, I do like to write an occasional song,

I know! I wish there was somewhere I belong,

I wish my mother was rewarded for all her good deeds,

She provided for all my needs,

I wish I knew what the world wants me to be,

I wish I knew the way to be free,

Hold on, maybe I should wish for what every girl dreams,

Prince charming is what every girl  wishes for it seems,

Alright, I wish Prince Charming would come whisk me away,

No, that didn’t feel right in any way,

Well I wish I knew how birth came about,

What an important event that leaves me dreading with doubt,

I wish everyone around me would be honest for a day,

Then again, the truth does hurt in its own manipulative way,

I know! I wish for peace in all the nations,

What world it would be, complete with discretion,

Is it me, or did that just not sound sincere?

I do wish for it but its not personal or dear,

I love how my mind thinks very fast,

Debating all this before the star had completely passed,

I was not going to let my wish go to waste,

Yes I had to make a wish of somewhat good taste ,

Some would wish for immortality,

I wonder if that will ever be reality,

With so many wishes… I couldn’t choose just one,

Its the easiest wish of all, as I came to learn,

In a flash, it came to me,

The perfect wish that would leave me be,

“I wish, oh how I wish..”,I had to frame the words perfectly,

Wasting my chance to wish would be a catastrophe,

I needed someone to show me how,

Someone to help with words somehow,

But no, I was the guest and the host,

Oh well here goes…

I wish I knew what I wish for the most. 🙂