In the world we live in.

In the world we live in.

We live in a world full of sorrow and pain,

Where people only think of what they will gain,

Where the end defines the means and people are greedy,

Where the rich are increasing at the price of the needy,

Where an eye for an eye is the golden rule,

Where doing the right thing makes you look like a fool,

Where we cut down trees as if they are weeds,

Where people go for their wants instead of their needs,

Where people die of hunger while others are obese,

Where hurting people is regarded as a means to get peace,

Where the love of money has broke bonds,

Where seas of happiness have been reduced to ponds,

But in the same world there are people of love,

People who put their needs below and others  above,

People of good character and strength,

Who strive to do whats right no matter the lengths,

People who do what they can to help others,

Who treat everyone as their sisters and brothers,

They don’t care about money, prestige or fame,

Of what cars they drive of how many know his name,

They just want to make a difference, no matter how small,

To be there for others and answer their calls,

They are in the same wold which is full of wrong,

But they refuse to be swayed and stay strong,

Now its for us to decide,

The part we belong.