You are only young once

You are only young once

You’re only young once don’t waste it,

You have only one chance to taste it,

Your youth is precious, embrace it,

Cause there’s no other person to face it,

But remember the Lord is watching,

Any plan that you may be plotting,

I’m not telling you not to have fun,

But remember you’re judgement will come,

Be careful of what you say and do,

Because not everything is good for you,

What seems out there as really cool,

Might leave you looking pitiful,

Be careful of the friends you make,

Some may turn out to be fake,

You may think they will be with you through thick and thin,

But they may desert you once you do not win,

Look to good mentors for inspiration,

To better the life of your generation,

Enrich your mind with education,

Find truth behind speculation,

Be mindful of the crowd,

You may do things in silent , but the effect will be loud,

Follow God and obey his laws,

Unlike others He does not care about your flaws,

The Holy Spirit will guide you free of charge,

Help you out of problems, small and large,

Always pray to God if you need anything,

You will be surprised at what goodness he can bring,

What you pray for may not always be what you get,

But God knows what He is doing so do not get upset,

So enjoy your youth and keep your faith strong,

You are only young once, and its not for long.