Blog Intro.

Hello there,

My name is Andrew Rubia but you can call me Rubeast. I am writing this intro so as to not have to explain myself for any future misunderstandings. It contains an outline of what to expect but it is not an extensive list :

  • The blog that I am about to begin will have no central topic. I will simply type about what I deem fit at the time.
  • I have the utmost respect people who follow all  rules of grammar and punctuation to the letter and those who flavor their blogs with nothing but the  best styles of  writing but do not expect me to be one of those people.This is not to say that I am expecting myself to make mistakes but I am just notifying you that I am not known for having the best spellings and saying although I will try my best.This is also to notify you that I will be using a mixture of both United States and United Kingdom English together with any other language I prefer and finally my writings do not reflect my level of education that I have gone through I thoroughly respect my teachers who have provide the best quality of education I could ask for and thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to learn.
  • If you have any comment,questions,suggestions,opinions,remarks(good or bad).Please feel free to share them with me although I request that you refrain from using any vulgar or perverse language as I intend to be as family friendly as possible.Otherwise ,don’t hold back. 
  • I apologize in advance if I offend any of you in any way,I do not intend to bring any negativity into any persons lives and if I do please do not hesitate to notify me immediately.
  • I am a Chelsea FC fan (it is a football team that plays in the Barclays Premier League) and I always will be so if I make any offensive remarks about any other team just know that I am joking and I am sorry. 
  • I am a generally busy guy so don’t expect me to be  very consistent in posting new blogs.
  • I am not a professional gamer but I would love to be.For now I am just doing m best to play as many games as I can the best way I can. So expect some game reviews. 
  • I am proud to be a Christian an I am trying my best to be a good one.The name Beast does not represent any creature and is simply a nickname which I have grown fond of.

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To God be the glory.

Thanks for reading.